REV Yourself Body Transforming Book (e-Book)


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Whether your goal is to lost 20 pounds, run a 5K, get ripped, live as long as possible, complete an Ironman, do an adventure race or just breeze through life with absolute confidence in your body, being the best you can be is difficult when you’re held back by frustrating issues such as brain fog, body fat, an irritated gut or sore joints. As a result, most of us live our lives at just a fraction of our peak capacity, completely powerless to tap into our full potential or to our their goals as quickly as possible.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could squeeze every last drop of excitement and living out life, and also be healthy on the outside and healthy on the inside? Ben Greenfield calls this feeling of achieving your ultimate performance potential “getting revved” – and the REV Yourself Body Transforming Book contains everything you need to do it. Through thirty simple daily habits that you can easily implement into your daily routine, Ben shows you how to go from couch-potato mode to achieve amazing feats of physical and mental performance without destroying your body and mind.


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