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If you struggle with food allergies and intolerances, gut bloating, indigestion, constipation, acne, sore joints and other immune issues, then the Autoimmune Paleo Book is the diet book you need. Featuring over 110 recipes without grains, beans, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, or nightshades (including spices) the Autoimmune Paleo Book is written for those following the paleo autoimmune protocol or an elimination diet – complete with information how to get started, meal plans, and shopping lists.

The first half of the book is all about the autoimmune protocol and how to go on an elimination diet, including how-to pages and meal plans. In the second half of the book, there are recipes for every meal and occasion – appetizers and snacks, sauces and dressings, salads, soups and stews, vegetables, chicken, beef and lamb, seafood, and desserts. Recipes range from quick lunches and weeknight dinners to elaborate meals for parties or gatherings.

In addition to the recipes, you will find information on:

-Foods to eat or avoid. Included are detailed guides on what to eat and what to avoid while on the autoimmune protocol.

-Two 4-week meal plans. Both meal plans are linked to corresponding recipes throughout the book.

-Shopping lists. Each meal plan comes with complete bi-weekly shopping lists and instructions for modifications.

-Tips and tricks. These are sections on how to get the most out of the autoimmune protocol – included are sections on food quality, a shopping guide, and ideas for batch cooking and breakfast inspiration.

-Skills and staples. For those who want a more intensive healing approach, there is information about traditional healing foods like bone broth, fermented vegetables and fermented beverages.

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