How to Change Your Life With Magnesium (e-Book)


Product Description

Want to sleep better? Live longer? Get rid of cramps? Enhance sports performance? Lose fat faster?

Responsible for over 300 different enzymatic reactions within your body, magnesium does all this and more, and in the book “How to Change Your Life With Magnesium” you’ll learn exactly where to find magnesium, how to use magnesium and when to use magnesium.

How To Change Your Life With Magnesium is written by author and physician Carolyn Dean, who is one of the top natural physicians in the country. Ben Greenfield has also co-written a bonus chapter in this ground-breaking book that teaches you all about one of the world’s most powerful natural compounds for performance and health.

Click here for a free audio download about both this book and the book Death by Modern Medicine – which comes free with your order (to listen, you may need the free Quicktime player here).


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