Tri-Ripped Triathlon Training Program (e-Book)


Product Description

The Tri-Ripped Triathlon Training Program is the first triathlon training program that makes you able to swim, bike and run lightning fast – but also get an amazing body with lean muscle and low body fat percentage – the ultimate triathlon body. You no longer have to worry about endurance sports getting you too skinny, making you losing muscle, or leaving you weak or fragile looking like a super-skinny marathoner. Instead, with Tri-Ripped, both guys and girls get ripped and get fast for triathlon at the same time.

Tri-Ripped gives you the best of both worlds – a lean, muscular body (without big bulky muscles that slow you down) and the power to swim, bike and run faster. It is an 8 month triathlon training program that Ben Greenfield designed for beginner, intermediate or advanced triathletes to train for Sprint to Ironman distance triathlon.

The goal of Tri-Ripped is for you to be able to avoid the “skinny-fat” or “fit-but-fat” look that endurance training causes, not put on excessive muscle weight, and ultimately have a sexy body with lean muscle that looks and performs fantastic in all your workouts and races.

You can click here to learn more and watch a video that details the Tri-Ripped program.


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