How To Qualify For Kona (e-Book)


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Getting to the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Kona, Hawaii can be pretty tough. But with the book “How To Qualify For Kona” by Ben Greenfield – who is a 5 time Ironman Hawaii qualifier and 10 time Ironman finisher – you’ll be instantly equipped with everything you need to know to qualify for Ironman World Championships on the big island.

This comprehensive manual for getting you to the big island to compete in the Ironman World Championships includes:

-History Of Kona Ironman World Championships
-Qualification Criteria
-List Of Qualifying Races
-Tips From The Experts On Qualifying
-Qualifying Times per Age Group
-What To Expect on Race Day
-Tips From the Experts on Racing Kona
-Race Day Pacing and Fueling Strategies

Get all the insider tips you need to fulfill your dreams and begin your road to Kona!


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