Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid – Part 2: Fruit


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Why The Current Food Pyramid Is Incorrect And Exactly what You Can Do About It

Do you feel that ending up being the best you can be is more than challenging?

That you are kept from achieving your finest by nagging issues like body fat, painful joints, irritated bowels and brain fog?

Remarkably, a regular pattern in food pyramids around the globe places cereals, grains, bread, noodles and other starched carbs at the base of the food pyramid diet plan. And good fats from healthy and balanced sources go to the top as a “use sparingly” classification.

This is definitely opposite of what a well-balanced diet plan must be. This version has been shown to lead to a myriad of health and wellness problems such as:

  • Excessive weight gain.
  • Threat of heart disease due to higher degrees of cholesterol .
  • Greater blood sugars levels causing diabetic issues and other related diseases.
  • Brain fog and considerably, more …

Ben Greenfield, has actually listened to suggestions from his coaching clients, readers, listeners and audiences to design a “Ben Greenfield Endorsed” food guide pyramid. His brand-new design is called the Superhuman Food Pyramid. Ben’s food pyramid addresses all the above issues in depth according to his individual dietary viewpoints that he has revealed many times in consultations, blog posts, podcasts and talks all over the world.

In the second of this series, “Part 2: Fruit”, you will learn:

  • A complete range of options from “Eat” to “Moderate” to “Avoid” for every fruit.
  • The minimal servings of fruits that will keep your blood glucose stabilized.
  • Which fruits are the very best options to supplement your diet regimen.
  • Which ones you may use with moderation and …
  • The ones to definitely stay clear of and why they are poisonous to your health.


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