7-Day Full-Body Reboot To Get Strong, Fit & Lean (mindbodygreen Course With Ben Greenfield)


Product Description

Optimal fitness and health are closer than you think. And just one week, you can reboot your body and set yourself up for a strong, long, lean and healthy body.

mindbodygreen has teamed up with New York Times best-selling author, fat loss and anti-aging expert, and award-winning podcast host Ben Greenfield, to show you exactly how it’s done with this revolutionary new program: The 7-Day Full Body Reboot: How To Ignite Your Journey To Optimal Health & Fitness.

The program is simple but effective: In just 7 days, you’ll learn how to exercise more efficiently from home, how to eat to lose weight, get your gut healthy, and sleep like a baby. The result? In one week, you’ll be well on your way to shedding fat, getting fit, and feeling fantastic.

Whether your goal is to lose 20 pounds, get ripped, complete an Ironman triathlon or just breeze through life with absolute confidence in your body, this program is for you.

What you get:

  • 8 different modules, with 44 video sessions with Ben (total duration: 3 hours, 4 minutes)
  • Unlimited access to the online streaming videos, or the ability to download
  • Your 7-Day Full-Body Reboot Roadmap To Optimal Fitness & Strength, including .pdf’s
  • Private discussion boards to interact with Ben Greenfield and other students
  • Closed captioned videos for ease-of-use and understanding (English only)

This is a complete “done-for-you” program with everything you need to know to reinvent your body, your brain and your health…all delivered in easy-to-understand, bite-size pieces, short videos, .pdf downloads and targeted modules that tell you everything you need to know in as little time possible.

Click here to get started now and to jump right into Day 1. It’s far, far easier than you’d think to get the results you deserve and desire. Enjoy the journey now with Ben.


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