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 Exercise Photo & Video Library:
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Triathlon Specific Exercise Videos

Alternating Cable Rows

Alternating Lunge Jumps with Overhead Press

Alternating Overhead Press with Balance

Bow Row

Cable or Band Torso Twists

Double Arm Lawnmower

Dumbbell Running Arms

Explosive Reach For the Sky

Front Plank Reaches

Hip Hikes


Lateral Lunge to Overhead Tricep Extension

Lunge Position Alternating Arm Dumbbell Row

Lateral Step with Reverse Fly

Med Ball Twisters

Military Press, Prone on Stability Ball

One Arm Dumbbell Clean & Press

One Arm Overhead Walking Lunge

Overhead Push Press

Pushups, Hands on Stability Ball, Single Leg Option

Reverse Lunge & Swing

Running Man Row

Side Plank Rotations

Side Walks with Elastic Band

Single Arm Chest Press with Rotation

Single Arm Bent Over Dumbbell Row, Squat Position

Single Leg Overhead Press with Knee Drive

Single Leg Row & Throw

Single Leg Thumbs Up Dumbbell Front Raise

Squat to Bicep Curl

Squat to Bicep Curl to Overhead Press

Squat to Bicep Curl with Rotation

Stability Ball Single Leg Bridge

Transverse Lunge with Row

Tricep Pushdown with Hop

Two Leg Row & Throw

Uppercuts on Balance Ball

Walking Lunge with Twist


Woodchopper High to Low

Woodchopper Low to High with Turn