2013 Thailand Triathlon Adventure with Ben Greenfield

The Laguna Phuket Triathlon and Challenge Triathlon Festival – which is an Olympic distance triathlon one weekend followed by a Half Ironman the next weekend – is a must-do “bucket list” race, and considered to be one of the top destination triathlons on the planet.

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You’re invited to join coach Ben Greenfield for a 2013 Thailand Triathlon Adventure that includes a ton of fun that Ben has personally put together based on his years of experience visiting and racing in Thailand – and this trip ensures you maximize your time and fun while traveling to one of the top triathlon destinations on the planet!

This adventure even includes an optional 5 Day Thanyapura Deluxe Training Camp before the Challenge Triathlon Festival even starts up. You’ll find the full itinerary below, along with information about exactly how to reserve your spot for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Full Itinerary:

Saturday, November 16: Arrive in Phuket and prepare for all-inclusive training camp at Thanyapura

Sunday, November 17: Thanyapura Deluxe all-inclusive swim/bike/run camp

Monday, November 18: Thanyapura Deluxe all-inclusive swim/bike/run camp

Tuesday, November 19: Thanyapura Deluxe all-inclusive swim/bike/run camp

Wednesday, November 20: Thanyapura Deluxe all-inclusive swim/bike/run camp

Thursday, November 21: Last day Thanyapura Deluxe all-inclusive swim/bike/run camp.  Arrivals of Greenfield Fitness Systems participants from US/Australia (people not doing Thanyapura Deluxe Training Camp Add-On), group dinner

Friday, November 22: Practice bike session, explore Phuket, group dinner and pre-race overview with Ben meet the pros cocktail party

Saturday, November 23: Practice swim/run course, massages, pre-race party

Sunday, November 24: Race, massages, post-race party

Monday, November 25: R&R, then head to Railay Bay in afternoon

Tuesday, November 26: Railay Bay rock climbing, massages, boat excursions, snorkeling, group dinners, etc.

Wednesday, November 27: Railay Bay rock climbing, massages, boat excursions, snorkeling, group dinners, etc.

Thursday, November 28: Railay Bay rock climbing, massages, boat excursions, snorkeling, group dinners, etc., afternoon head back to Phuket

Friday, November 29: Practice bike session, group dinner and pre-race overview with Ben, meet the pros cocktail party

Saturday, November 30: Practice run, massages, pre-race party

Sunday, December 1: Race, post-race party

Monday, December 2: Patong Beach shopping and recovery/massages

Tue, December 3 and Wed, December 4: departures

How To Sign Up For The Races:

You are responsible for signing up for the races yourself. Here are the links:

-Laguna Phuket Triathlon (1st race): http://www.goadventureasia.com/LPT/lptreg.htm

-Challenge Triathlon (2nd race): http://www.goadventureasia.com/CLP/clpreg.htm

Don’t worry if the race registration page says ‘sold out’. If you’re with the Ben Greenfield group, they’ll be able to get you in. For both races, when you sign up, just be sure to put the name “Ben Greenfield” on the remarks/comments section so they can “attach” all our reservations together so we’re able to get hotel discounts, etc.

If you have already registered for the races, simply email “[email protected]” and let her know that you have already registered, and that you are with the Ben Greenfield group.

Pre-Race Thanyapura Camp Details:

The luxurious Thanyapura Triathlon Training Centre in Thailand (http://www.Thanyapura.com) has invited ANY of us who are going on 2013 Thailand Triathlon Adventure for a private, all-inclusive luxury training camp from November 16-21. Thanyapura is a not just a training center, but also an integrative health centre with naturopathic docs, sports psychologists, and professional triathletes on staff to help train us.

So if you’re going on the trip, and you want to tack on a few extra days before that first race, I’d highly recommend you do this. It’s the chance of a lifetime and is going to be an amazing experience for you.

It includes:

• Luxury Accommodation
• Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Buffet
• Airport Transfer
• Laguna Transfer to our hotel after camp
• Thanyapura T-Shirt and Drink Bottle
• Full Access to Thanyapura Facilities –
• Full Access to Thanyapura Group Sessions with pro athletes, overseen by Ben Greenfield
• All of the above with your own room (king bed): $1100
• All of the above with a roomshare (two twins): $800

Especially because of it’s proximity to the first race we’ll be doing, this is not a “BEAT YOU UP AND SPIT YOU OUT” style camp. It’s instead going to be focused on education, learning skills of triathlon to make you much more efficient and economical, nutrition education, health concepts and much more, including:

-multiple swim drills/swim instruction sessions

-multiple run efficiency/economy/biomechanics sessions

-daily guided bike rides

-full bike fit 

-bike efficiency/economy/biomechanic session

-nutrition workshop/Q&A 

-health workshop/Q&A

-race workshop/Q&A

-strength training workshop/Q&A

-breathing workshop/Q&A

-mobility workshop/Q&A

If you’re already registered for the 2013 Triathlon Training Adventure (which is $400USD), simply use the links below to add the Thanyapura Deluxe Camp to your experience:

-Roomshare  Twin Bed(we’ll hook ya up with a roomate) – $800USD

-Your Own Room King Bed (perfect if you want your own room or will have a spouse/significant other along) – $1100USD

If you have not yet registered for either the 2013 Thailand Triathlon Adventure OR the Thanyapura Deluxe Camp yet, just click here to sign-up for everything all at once.*

*Total cost is $400 USD. This covers us arranging everything for you – hotel discounts, airport transfers, bike transfers, boat transfers, restaurant reservations, etc. – so all you do is show up and have fun! In addition to the $400 USD, your responsibilities will be A) airfare and B) hotel for the days we’re not at Thanyapura (after you register, we’ll be in contact with hotel discount and reservation details). For your personal budgeting, we recommend you plan on about 150-200USD/day from November 22-Dec 4 (that includes food and lodging).