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X2Performance Liquid Energy Shot is a revolutionary new liquid pre-workout shot that offers you a safe and natural alternative to dangerous stimulants and performance-enhancing products. Rather than relying on high amounts of sugar and calories, the unique X2Performance formula works to naturally increase your body’s production of ATP and provide extra ATP in the shot itself, which boosts energy levels and focus, increases endurance and speeds recovery.

Professional and amateur athletes have long sought a healthy alternative to the excessive stimulants and questionable ingredients found in today’s most popular supplements. But after years of research and development, the X2Performance team of scientists and nutritionists have created a product that not only increases how comfortable you feel during intense and long workouts, but can also vastly decrease the time it takes you to get to the finish line.

So how does this stuff actually work?

The generation and regeneration of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the key to maximizing performance during any vigorous activity you do. ATP is the unit of energy created by your body’s natural biochemical processes, and when ATP becomes depleted, you feel physically and mentally fatigued and unable to increase your training intensity. X2Performance is the first supplement of it’s kind that contains the BIOIDS® advanced cellular compound, a combination which has been shown to be effective to increase energy, enhance endurance and improve recovery. ATP is also essential for amino acid activation during protein synthesis, which means X2Performance can help your muscles recover faster and more effectively. In other words – you don’t “hit the wall” during a workout or race when you use this stuff.

Other performance-enhancing supplements may use excessive amounts of caffeine or other stimulants to try and chase that same effect, providing a surge of energy that is ironically followed by an inevitable crash. Instead, each serving of X2Performance contains only 70mg of natural caffeine – less than a small cup of coffee – and works to support your body’s natural metabolism and protein synthesis on the cellular level. The result is no jitters, no crash and no unhealthy side effects.

In addition to the BIOIDS® advanced cellular compound and trace amounts of caffeine, in one shot you’ll get ATP Disodium, glucose, ribose, pinitol, coenzyme Q10, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and distilled water – a unique combination of ingredients that equip your body to stay in a state maximum fat burning efficiency – making X2Performance a perfect addition to a lower carbohydrate or ketogenic fueling protocol.

X2Performance recently received two widely recognized and coveted product quality certifications, so you can be confident that despite your body feeling absolutely amazing when you slam back a bottle of this, what you’re taking is clean, safe and effective – and you aren’t going to get “popped for doping” at the finish line of a race or event. X2Performance has earned the NSF CERTIFIED for SPORT® designation, demonstrating the highest levels of product quality and approval for use by professional athletes. In addition, X2Performance has received the INFORMED-SPORT certification, which is awarded through independent testing for banned substances in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code (WADA).

Our head coach and sports nutritionist Ben Greenfield personally recommends loading with one bottle X2Performanceeach day for seven days prior to your main event, then one bottle X2Performance 30-45 minutes prior to competition or a very hard workout, and then 1 additional bottle every 2-3 hours for longer workouts or races.

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