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Thorne Carb Fuel (Slow-Release Carbohydrate Powder For Exercise)


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Product Description

Most carbohydrate powders, beverages, bars and gels produce a huge spike of blood glucose or create some seriously disturbing fermentation in your gut. Sure, you may get “energy” in the form of sugar, but along with that energy, you’ll get all the chronic health risks of constant blood sugar spikes, or plenty of gas and bloating during your workouts, runs, bike rides or races.

The new Thorne Carb Fuel is designed to combat all these issues. It contains a unique blend of carbohydrates for sustained energy to fuel performance – before, during, and after activity.

Carb Fuel’s main ingredient, pea starch, is a carbohydrate that’s slowly absorbed and released into your bloodstream to help maintain blood sugar and insulin levels. It is primarily a plant-based, gluten-free nutritional supplement made from non-GMO pea starch and pure dextrose. Carb Fuel is designed to be comfortably digested, help provide steady energy, and prevent the mental energy crashes associated with other faster-digesting carbohydrate sources.

Carb Fuel has a light, sweet, neutral taste. It’s been formulated to drink alone, but it can also be mixed with our Aminos, Catalyte Electrolytes, Whey Protein Isolate, or Vegan Protein to provide added macronutrients for your training and recovery needs.

Also unlike nearly every carbohydrate fuel that exists, Thorne Carb Fuel is NSF Certified for Sport, meaning it can be used with complete confidence that there are no dangerous fillers or other artificial added ingredients that would be considered illegal in doping sanctioned sports.


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