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EPA and DHA, omega-3 fats found in fish oil, have been shown to support brain/cognitive health, support healthy triglyceride levels, and possibly increase metabolic rate. Dietary consumption of these essential fatty acids helps maintain the health of cell membranes, allowing nutrients to flow in and out of your cells more freely. Omega-3s also play an important role in helping to maintain a normal inflammatory response in the body. Studies have also shown that higher intakes of EPA, when combined with protein or amino acids, increase protein synthesis over protein or amino acids alone.

Omega Superb (Omega-3 Lemon Berry Liquid) from Thorne is a concentrated omega-3 fish oil designed to increase protein synthesis and to maintain a healthy inflammatory response, while supporting an optimized brain and nervous system. This is a great-tasting raspberry-lemonade flavored oil that can be used on own or mixed in a shake. It is held to the strict International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) 5-Star Rating, which ensures complete traceability on all fish oil and ensures sustainable fishing practices are in place.

In addition, Thorne has added algae astaxanthins to Omega Superb (Omega-3 Lemon Berry Liquid) for added antioxidant and skin beauty support. This great tasting liquid is a natural raspberry-lemon flavor that creates no nasty fish oil burps, can be used as a convenient alternative to fish oil capsules, and added to smoothies, shakes or simply served over ice in water. Kids love it too!

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