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The Thorne Omega-3 Fish Oil Gelcap is an extremely high quality fish oil formula that’s been strictly tested for contaminants. Thorne goes through strict additional certification processes to ensure the fish oil in this products is 100% pure and safe. The result is a high-quality, highly absorbable fish oil that supports your brains, joints, nervous system and muscles, and includes:

  • A higher concentration of EPA to support increased protein synthesis and decreased protein breakdown for improved body composition.
  • Natural peppermint oil flavor for a pleasant taste (and an elimination of  those nasty “fish burps”).
  • IFFO RS Assured and IFFO RS Assured Chain of Custody – which ensures complete traceability on all fish oil and ensures sustainable fishing practices are in place.
  • A fish oil completely free of heavy metals and other toxins.

Thorne Omega-3 Fish Oil comes from fish caught off the coast of Chile and is processed in plants on the coast.  Many other fish oil products contain fish oil sourced from Chile that is processed in Norway or other countries, requiring the oil to be transported in barrels and shipped thousands of miles.

This fish oil contains no wheat, corn, gluten, yeast, egg, dairy products, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, lactose, palmitic acid or stearic acid. From brain health to recovery to joint health to anti-inflammation, you are guaranteed quality and results that you can actually feel when you use a fish oil held to these high standards.


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