Jessa Greenfield’s Healthy Home Workshop (Instant Access, No Subscription Required) Vol 1


Product Description

Many people don’t realize that the health mastermind behind Ben Greenfield’s inspiration to transform the body into a toxin-free, perfectly functioning system is…

…his wife, Jessa Greenfield.

Despite being a busy mom of twin boys and a hard-working businesswoman, Jessa sits down every day and takes copious notes on everything from the Greenfield meal plans…

…to her food preparation tactics…

…to body detoxification tips…

…to healthy lighting, air, water, plants and electricity strategies…

…to cool new kitchen tools she’s discovered…

…and much more, including every single family and home health optimization strategy she studies and rigorously tests each month.

Then she transforms all these tips into a beautiful, practical and easy-to-understand monthly digital magazine called the “Healthy Home Workshop”, in which she describes in amazing and colorful detail each of the tactics she uses to cut through the clutter and give you data-backed, field-tested health and fitness tips to optimize your home, your diet, your workouts, and your life.

But she doesn’t stop there.

Like a personal professor for transforming your home and your body, she then produces each topic into an HD video in which she walks you through the hands-on version of each tip for that month. You get to watch, listen and get full access to her detailed notes as she explains every strategy the Greenfield family uses to live a healthy, natural life in a modern era.

Below, you’ll be able to scroll through the mind-blowing array of topics you’ll discover inside the Healthy Home Workshop, including:

• How to completely transform your household into a healthy environment for you and your family….

• How to implement ancestral and natural eating and living techniques, even if you’re a modern soccer mom, CEO or college student…

• How to optimize your workouts for maximum results in record time…

• How to vastly reduce medical bills and grocery expenses, while eating better foods that taste great and are great for you….

• How to quickly and safely lose fat and get fit, so you can have more energy and more time to fully enjoy life.

• And much, much more…

Normally, the Healthy Home Workshop is only available as a $47/month subscription inside the Ben Greenfield Fitness Inner Circle, but we’ve decided to make the first twelve issues ($564 value!) available as an instant digital download for just $97.

When you click here to purchase your access, you’ll instantly get every single issue listed below – no subscription required. You’ll become an absolute expert and be able to deliver into every single secret the Greenfield family uses to move, breathe, eat, live and thrive in a clean, happy and easy way. Enjoy!



Issue #1

Fermenting is Easy!
Most people find the idea of fermenting anything hard and dangerous.  But in this video, you’ll see how easy it is and why fermentation be in your diet.

Brush Your Toxins Away
There are lots of fancy detox diets out there, but there is one simple method of detoxing that flies under the radar, and in this video, you’ll learn how to do it, and the myriad of benefits beyond detoxing that you’ll get from it

Cooking In Unglazed Earthenware Pots
Cooking in unglazed earthenware (clay pots) is one of the oldest methods of cooking veggies, meat and bread. The benefits of cooking in clay pots is that it gently cooks and steams food all at the same time and this gentle form of cooking leaves the nutrients intact and a moist flavorful dish. In this video, you’ll learn how to bake sourdough bread and how to cook Moroccan chicken in a clay pot.

Disinfect The RIGHT Way
Making your own household products is truly one of the easiest way of cleaning up both your body your environment, getting rid of carcinogens and hormone disruptors, and living guilt-free and confident in your home’s health. In this video, Jessa will show you just how easy and inexpensive it is to make a toxin-free disinfectant.

Kids Recycle Too
Every kid deserves a place in the home where they can feel helpful and needed, and recycling is a good place to start. It teach young kids how to sort, how to build, and how to understand that not everything goes in the garbage. Giving unused stuff a second, third or fourth life is something we should all do and teach our kids from a young age how to do, and this video will show you exactly how.


Issue #2

Pumpkin pie? You’re limiting yourself! Don’t limit your culinary mind to just pumpkin pie. In this video we will explore many other uses for the bountiful pumpkin.

Wood Polish
Winter is upon us, which generally means more time indoors. So using toxic free cleaners is more important than ever. In this video we will learn how to keep our wood floors and wood furniture conditioned and clean without having to inhale toxic chemicals.

Christmas Body Products
Think outside the box this holiday season and bake yourself beautiful! Instead of baking cookies and treats (which are often not guilt-free!), let’s cook up wonderful body products that actually heal the body.

Worm Bins
Most folks think that once winter rolls around the gardening season is over. Not true! This winter we are taking on vermiculture (aka worm bins). In this video, you will learn how to construct, feed and harvest compost and worm juice from these bins. Working hard in the winter will make for a bountiful garden in the summer.


Issue #3

Eating Pretty
You are what you eat…right? Most definitely! Eating foods high in minerals and vitamins is great for you and for your skin. In addition, consuming foods that are high in collagen, gelatin and foods (which are alkalizing!) fight acidity and give your skin that added boost. So firm up and tighten that skin by eating foods that will do just that.

Sprouting New Life
Sprouts are ranked as one of the best and most nutritionally dense foods you can eat, period. And you can learn how to grow your own right on your kitchen counter. It is easy, takes little time and inexpensive. There is nothing to lose (except some nutrient deficits!).

Growing Pure Air
Growing indoor plants is an easy and inexpensive way to dress up a home – but it goes far beyond that. Plants don’t just look pretty, but they also work very hard to purify our air. In this video, you are going to learn how to care for indoor plants and what each plant can do for you when it removes harmful toxins in your home.

Cheese Making 101
Most folks don’t even think to make their own cheese – but it’s way easier than you’d think. The fact is, many cheeses in the store are full of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, food coloring…and pasteurized to the point of killing all beneficial bacteria. But don’t worry – in this video you will learn how to make two very simple cheeses.


Issue #4

Changing The PH Of Your Water
The pH level in your water is critical to growing the perfect microgreens. Learn how to test and change the PH of your water to ensure the perfect environment for your microgreens.

Growing Seeds
As with all seeds, there are very specific requirements on how to plant and grow them to get the most out of them. Fortunately, growing micro greens has the fewest rules. See how simple it is to grow microgreens with hydroponics on your kitchen counter!

It’s A Hard Knock Life
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Same goes with growing micro greens! Learn how creating an adverse environment for your micro greens will in turn produce a stronger, healthier crop.

Let ‘Em Grow
There are two critical ingredients for life: water and light. In this stage of growing micro greens you will learn how much water and light is enough and how to identify when you have to little or to much.

Easy As 1, 2, 3
Harvesting and storing micro greens requires three specific steps. You don’t want to skip any of these three steps to ensure your greens stay fresh and ready for eating.

Micro Eats
Cooking with micro greens is a relatively new phenomenon. Many folks are not quite sure what to do with them, or just toss them on a salad and that’s it! In this video, you will get a few ideas of how you can implement them in your dishes.


Issue #5

How To Make Healthy Lard
Lard! Eww, right? Over the years it has gotten a bad rap. Many folks are simply misinformed about the “health” of lard. So in this video, I will not only ease your mind about using lard in your diet – but also show you how to easily render it yourself at home.

DIY Wood Conditioner
All of us have cutting boards and hopefully use them on a regular basis. The wood cutting board is a work horse in the kitchen that often get overlooked. But left to its own devices, your cutting board will warp, crack, and dry out, creating an environment for bad bacteria to grow. In this video, I will show how to make an easy wood conditioner that can keep you and your cutting board from losing the battle with the elements.

Easy Hoop Houses
Over centuries, backyard and commercial gardeners have been perfecting the art of extending the growing seasons. One easy and inexpensive way to do this is to construct a hoop house. In this video, I will show how exactly how I easily built a hoop house from the ground up (simpler than you might think).

Growing Bigger, Faster, Stronger Kids
You just cannot fight it…all kids want to grow up bigger, faster, stronger and more independent. It is hardwired into them, so why fight it? Watch this video and discover an easy system to embrace and encourage your kiddos on the journey of growing up big, tall and strong.


Issue #6

Flavoring Your Kombucha
“How do I flavor my kombucha?” is a question that I get often. So in this video, I will show you three of my favorite delicious ways to flavor home brews of kombucha without a bunch a sugar!

Curing Bacon At Home
Bacon is all the rage right now. Has it ever not been? But if you have been paying attention, you’ll notice the price of bacon has gone way up. So it you want to save a dime (more like half the cost) or avoid nitrates and any unnatural preservatives altogether, here is a simple way to cure your own bacon at home. The taste is…priceless.

Guarding From Sickness
When the seasons change (like fall to winter, winter to spring or spring to summer) a lot of sickness comes with those changes. It’s simply the way nature works. But in this video I will show you some easy and practical ways to guard you and your family from seasonal sickness changes.

Grose! What Is The BARF DIET?
What is the BARF diet, you might ask? It certainly doesn’t sound appealing! But for a member of your family, it could be. BARF stands for “Bones And Raw Food”, and is is a diet for your dog that simulates what their ancestors or wild counterparts might eat. In this video, you’ll learn just how simple a diet it is to follow, and what it can do for your pet.


Issue #7

The Unloved Dandelion
Dandelions are commonly considered a nuisance but the facts show quite the opposite. Historically, dandelions have been used in cuisine and medicinally for thousands of years. If you’re thinking about eradicating the dandelions in your yard, watch this video and get the downloadable resource that comes with it first!

The Many Ways To Use A Food Dehydrator
The only other kitchen utensil that Jessa uses more than an oven and stove top is a food dehydrator – for everything from making raw food, preserving food, and culturing food. In this video you will see all the different, creative ways you can use a food dehydrator.

White Vinegar Guards, Protects, and Heals
Often white vinegar is used in cuisine and is wonderful for making nontoxic household cleaners, but it also can be used topically for warding off pests by masking scents or creating an off putting scent to to keep insects away, can aid in the healing of many skin irritants, and has many more benefits you’ll discover.

Hot Composting 101
Composting is the building block to successful organic gardening. If you pursue a harvest of organic produce you must have an understanding of how composting works and how to use it in your gardening . But composting isn’t just for gardeners – it is also a great way to recycle food waste rather than sending it to the landfill. So whether you are in it for the produce or to be mindful of the environment, there is a form of composting for everyone in this video.


Issue #8

Junk-Free BBQ Condiments
It’s officially here…The BBQ season! But instead of topping your dogs and burgers with condiments filled with food coloring, sugar and preservatives, why not try your hand at making your own condiments? Not only will they be much better for you, but they will taste a hundred times better too!

A New Use For Recycling Plastic Bags
Do you have an overabundance of plastic bags, or know somebody who does? In this video and pdf, you’ll learn an easy way to take those bags and put them to good use, including fancy outdoor pillows that are very easy to craft with little skill!

Vertical Gardening Secrets
There are so many reasons to take your garden to new heights. And by that, we mean that you should learn how to start growing your garden vertically, since you’ll save on water and space, and get double your bounty. You’ll learn about different kinds of trellises, why you should garden vertically, which plants are best for climbing high, and more!

How To Grow A Miracle Berry Bush
The Miracle Berry’s name says it all. This little berry takes any bitter and sour tasting food such as vinegar, pickles, tomatoes, plain yogurt and more, and makes them taste amazingly sweet. Don’t buy miracle berry pills packed with nasty fillers – instead find out how to grow your own beautiful Miracle Berry bush right in your own home.


Issue #9

Guilt-Free Treats That Keep You Cool
Keeping cool all summer long is not an easy feat, and can damage your body if you’re hooked on icees, ice cream and sugary popsicles. But cooling your body from the inside out is a great idea, and you’ll learn how to do it with wholesome, fresh ingredients that are delicious, refreshing, cooling and guilt-free.

Amazing Ways To Use The Lowly Planter Pot
I often have planters and random pots that simply don’t get used or filled. But instead of sending them off to the thrift store or tossing them, I have found a great use for them, and in this video, I’ll show you how to turn them into a planter with purpose. You’ll discover how to build planter stands that can be used as a trellis for vining plants, tiki torches, string lights, and even umbrella holder!

Everything But The Root
Whenever folks talk about turnips, they generally talk about the root. But there is so much more than the root, and so much nutritional value being missed out on when you leave out the stems. So every recipe in this video includes the stems or the leaves of a turnip, and not just the root.

Natural Ways To Clean Your Dishes And Dishwasher
Sometimes the very machine that is used for cleaning in your kitchen actually need a little attention too. In this video, you are going learn all the ins and outs of cleaning your dishwasher, making detergent and creating a simple rinse aid – all completely toxin and chemical-free.


Issue #10

What To Do With All Those Zucchinis
This time of year, the lowly zucchini plant starts pumping out both small and mammoth sized zucchinis at a rate that seems to leave folks baffled about what to do with all those zucchini! Here are a few very creative ways you probably haven’t heard of to get tasty use out of all those zucchinis.

DIY Infused Water
Water is vital for life and for overall health. But when water is infused with herbs, you get all of the benefits of the water and the essential oils present in herbs. You’re going to discover exactly how to easily infuse your water at home.

Get The Most Out Of Your Garden
Right now is when a garden is producing an abundance of food, and many times with all the harvesting that is being done it can be easy to forget that there is still time to do a mid-summer planting. Discover how exciting it can be to be harvesting in late fall when most people are putting their gardens to sleep for the winter.

Miracle Berry Madness
This month is a month of celebration because we have successfully grown miracle berries and now get to share their unusual abilities to change sour foods into sweet foods, and control carb cravings. You’ll see how to throw a miracle berry party and what kind of “dishes” to include.


Issue #11

The Greenfield Family Makes Duck Confit
When it comes to preserving meat via the tastiest French method on the face of the planet, nothing beats duck confit. In this video, you’ll not only learn how to make it, but learn the best sources for you duck meat and fat, and get to watch the whole Greenfield family make a batch .

How To Maximize Your Freezer
We all know what busy feels like, and there are definitely those days where dinner just isn’t gonna happen. So on those “not so busy day” you can cook up a large batch of soup to freeze for the future. In this video and .pdf, you’ll learn how to stock up your freezer with some of the simplest and tastiest soups that will quickly thaw and fill you up on a busy day.

Preserving: The Pro and Cons
There are many ways to preserve any garden harvest, whether small or large. In this video, you learn the top three methods, why they are the best, and the biggest mistakes to look for in each one.

The Zen Of Drying and Freezing Herbs
Ahh…herbs: that magical ingredient that brings life to so many dishes. Drying and freezing fresh herbs ensures that the best flavors are retained and are ready to be added to any meal. And you’re going to learn a very cool, simple and rewarding way to do it.


Issue #12

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin
When it comes to picking, prepping and cooking pumpkins, not all pumpkins are created equal. Quit scratching your head at the grocery store or pumpkin patch and instead use this guide to discover to pick out the perfect pumpkin for any occasion.

Cover Crops 101
It’s winter, and this means that if you have a garden, you’re missing out if you don’t know how to use cover crops. Cover crops are one of the simplest ways to fertilize, prevent weeds,and prevent soil erosion – and you’re going to learn out just how easy it is to use them.

Crème Fraîche
Crème fraîche is one of the easiest cultured milk products out there, and despite it’s fancy title, is much easier to make than you’d think. So why is it that this stuff costs a fortune to buy in the grocery store? Who knows, but you’ll find out in this tutorial how cheap and easy it is to make.

Winter Storing Without Destroying
If you don’t know how to store vegetables for the winter, you can easily destroy them. In this tutorial, you’ll find out which veggies are perfect for storing over the winter and also discover where and how to store these great winter veggies to ensure they last all winter long and are ripe and ready for spring recipes.


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