Gymstick Portable Exercise Trainer


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Product Description

The Gymstick portable exercise trainer is an easy-to-use lightweight fiberglass bar with elastic tubing attached. It can be used for a simple but highly effective portable or home full body workout, and can easily be tossed in your car or luggage for a road trip or as an easy portable exercise tool.

Your Gymstick includes:

  • The patented Gymstick fiberglass stick
  • A soft foam hand grip
  • A pair of latex rubber resistance tubes with durable fabric loops at both ends for exercise resistance
  • Rubber stopper at both ends of the stick for easily attaching the exercise band

When you click to order, you get to choose from any of the following five different Gymstick resistance levels.

  • Light – For rehabilitation workouts and exercise for the elderly. The resistance of green exercise bands ranges from 1 to 10 kg.
  • Medium – For smaller people and lighter women who want to start exercising. The resistance of blue exercise bands ranges from 1 to 15 kg.
  • Strong – For fit women, men who want to start exercising, and athletes. The resistance of black exercise bands ranges from 1 to 20 kg.
  • Extra-Strong – For extremely fit men and athletes. The resistance of grey exercise bands ranges from 1 to 25 kg.
  • Super-Strong – The super strong has been designed for advanced athletes. The resistance of gold exercise bands ranges from 1 to 30 kg.

Your Gymstick includes:

  • A stylish fabric cover  and carry bag
  • The official Gymstick Instruction and workout poster (including 18 different exercise movements)
  • 60 min Gymstick Workout DVD (including 3 easy-to-follow workout programs)

You’ll be amazed at how many exercises you can perform and the amazing full body workout you can get with this single portable device! In the video below, Ben Greenfield demonstrates a Gymstick workout.


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