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Want to block blue light, reduce computer glare, sleep better and enhance productivity and reading speed while you’re on your computer, e-read, iPad or phone? Gunnar Blue-Light Blocking Glasses do just that.

These special glasses, designed by the stylish and functional company Gunnar Optiks, fight many of the factors involved with staring at a computer monitor that cause eyestrain. They are calibrated to focus best at the distance at which most people keep their screen, and they block the majority of the electromagnetic radiation that can hurt your eyes or cause eye strain when you’re on your computer, watching television, working on a smartphone, or reading on an electronic reader.

Your eyes do not dry when you wear the Gunnars, because they wrap closely around your head, which can raise the humidity near your eyes and keep your eyes moist.

An added bonus of these glasses is that fluorescent lights produce lots of blues and green wavelengths of light, which can disrupt your deep sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. But the tint of the Gunnar glasses can block these wavelengths of light, which makes everything seem warmer and more soothing, and enhances recovery. We recommend that you wear these glasses whenever you’re spending long periods of time at the computer, or anytime 4-5 hours prior to bed in the evening – especially if you’re exposed to lots of lights from television, computers, smartphones, e-readers, normal household lightbulbs, etc.


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