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We’re constantly on the lookout for the type of low-carb diet and ketosis friendly option that fits into the exact model Ben Greenfield outlines in his low-carb fueling article “How To Get Into Ketosis“. For example, “UCAN Superstarch” is one such option, but, unfortunately, we’ve found that many athletes and exercise enthusiasts tend to get gastric distress or excessive fermentation from that slow-release starch.

For awhile, we recommended the Thorne CarbFuel product as an alternative for folks who couldn’t stomach superstarch, but then Thorne discontinued it.

So we set out once again to find some kind of carbohydrate source that allows you to maintain elevated liver glycogen and muscle glycogen stores without getting all the blood-sugar level roller coaster rides or gut rot and fermentation that many typical sports nutrition carbohydrate sources such as fructose and maltodextrin can cause.

Enter Gaspari Nutrition’s “Glycofuse”.

Why Glycofuse? First, as you may already know, glycogen is what helps fuel your workouts and keep muscles volumized. There is no way around that.

And here’s the reality of the situation. Not all carbs are created equal. There’s a lot of cleverly labeled and modified maltodextrin on the market claiming to be some technical polysaccharide. Or, there’s plain old cornstarch relabeled as super-duper muscle engorging waxy maize. Most of these aren’t proven to do anything except deliver false hopes, high blood sugar, and gut issues – as opposed to having multiple clinical studies in real athletes to support what it is they’re claiming.

This is why Gaspari Nutrition chose highly branched cluster dextrin for what we consider to be the gold standard of recovery and performance drinks. This high molecular weight carbohydrate has a special helical structure, which gives it unique properties unlike many of the corn starches or polysaccharides out there. We’ll be real with you and say this stuff isn’t cheap, but you certainly pay for what you get, and highly branched cluster dextrin is unlike any carb source we’ve found – especially if you want to control blood sugar levels and gut issues.

In addition to adding in precious electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, and calcium for supporting nerve impulses and muscle contraction, the Gaspari Nutrition R&D Team have also build their Osm Technology into this product. This “new way” of looking at carbohydrate drinks utilizes a proprietary method of tuning the electrolytes in solution with pure cyclic dextrin to get an optimal osmolality (mOsm). In a nutshell, this results in lower osmolality, and lower osmolality results in faster gastric clearance, and a clean, easy burn of your fuel.

To prove this point, they knew full well they had to have a lower osmolarity than their competition. So, Gaspari spent the money and had their competitors’ products tested at a 3rd party laboratory to see where they stood. With some fine tuning using Osm Technology, Glycofuse is proven to have outstanding osmolality compared to just about every product on the market, including the biggest brands out there.

When you order, you get 1560g Unflavored Glycofuse – 3.4 pound with zero nasty additives or artificial sweeteners, at only 100 calories per serving. Just pure, clean-burning highly branched cluster dextrin for that slow bleed of carbohydrates you need to support energy for a long workout or race, or for the glycogen replenishment you need after a tough day at the gym. For even more specific mixing and usage instructions, check out Ben Greenfield’s article “How To Get Into Ketosis“.

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1560g Unflavored Us, 3.4 Pound

3 reviews for Gaspari Nutrition Glycofuse – Ketosis & Low Carb Friendly Carbohydrate Fuel

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Jerry, correct me if I’m wrong, but Ben posted the “unflavored” version which contains no artificial flavors. The flavored varieties however, do contain sucralose and/or acesulfame potassium and artificial flavors.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5



    I have been using UCAN and it works well but is a little chauky tasting and hard to mix well. How is Glycofuse in these areas? Which product do you like better?

  3. Rated 1 out of 5


    very disappointing Ben that you didn’t leave the fine print “other” ingredients on the label where it says “Sucralose” aka “splenda” , thats one carcinogen I can do without

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