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delta-E Natural Energy Drink Powder is an all-natural L-theanine based energy booster with mega-doses of B vitamin and trace amounts of caffeine. It is used by Ben Greenfield as a race and workout energy boost and alternative to commercial energy drinks.

Most energy drinks merely combine caffeine and sugar. But delta-E contains a revolutionary blend of natural bioactive compounds that scientific studies have proven to produce sustained energy and alertness – without the jitteriness of traditional high-caffeine energy drinks.

Each tiny and easy-to-carry packet of delta-E contains:

-B-vitamin boost that includes a highly absorbable form of B12 to promote healthy brain function
-A rich dose of antioxidants to protect your nervous system
-A special activator blend that balances pure L-Theanine with natural caffeine (from green tea) for calm energy and focus with zero jitters
-Immune system anti-oxidant support to defend against the effects of stress
-A natural sweetness, with just 5 grams of fructose from pomegranate juice extract, resulting in a wonderful taste with no sugar crash and only 20 calories

Simply pop a packet of delta-E into a glass of water and enjoy long-lasting energy for hours, with no jitters and no crash!

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3 reviews for delta-E Natural Energy Drink Powder

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Justin Abramson

    Love delta-E!

    When I was first introduced to delta-E over 6 years ago it gave me the focus and energy needed to help a friend move. Loaded a 26′ Uhaul truck (BIGGEST UHAUL TRUCK!!!) from a two story home, then unloaded the truck into a new two story home. Heavy items going down and up stairs is a workout. Since delta-E has caffeine, I wanted nothing to do with delta-E after that day. Until… months later someone explained to me that delta-E is not an energy drink. Yes, it is marketed as one but it is so much more. Once I learned why delta-E has caffeine to enhance the absorption of the delta-E Activator composition and learned the amazing health benefits of all the main ingredients, I decided to give delta-E another try.

    I used to struggle with concentration while reading books, in class, writing, ect… Thanks to delta-E, I am focused and experience mental clarity. When the company has been sold out I have tried many other products with similar ingredients and nothing compares to delta-E. Highly recommend trying delta-E.

  2. Rated 1 out of 5

    Christy Prawiro

    Can I combine this with the Tianchi powder?

    • Ben Greenfield

      That would be a bit redundant. I'd choose one or other other. TianChi is more comprehensive, but also of course more expensive…

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Tastes OK (which means no added sugar – a huge benefit!), but works great. I take a packet with me to all-day meetings at work when I need a boost in the afternoon or on long hiking trips (hiking rim to rim Grand Canyon) at the end of the day and I'm barely functioning and need something to keep me going for the last few miles. Would highly recommend these.

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