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Chris Janzen – Mental Performance Coach is the official mental performance coach for Greenfield Fitness Systems. He is author of 8 ½ Steps to Making 2011 Your Best Triathlon Year Ever! and Race Faster Now, an essential guide of expert advice and winning tips to improve your triathlon race day performance, and also designer of the Five Forces Formula program for breakthrough mental performance.

Chris has been a contributor to 220Triathlon magazine, the UK’s biggest selling triathlon magazine, ESPN, and Runner’s World USA. For more than 20 years he has been a passionate and inspiring coach, mentor, and trusted advisor and is dedicated to helping athletes and non-athletes to unlock their potential and exceed their own expectations of what’s possible.

Chris is an expert strategist and coach in developing the clarity, mental strength and emotional endurance necessary to master the inner game of triathlon — the critical foundation for every triathlete’s performance. He is a life-long student and passionate practitioner of peak performance psychology and emotional mastery to achieve extraordinary results for his clients. He has a profound understanding of what drives behaviour, decisions and motivation and how to remove internal conflicts in order to maximize the athlete’s success in one of the world’s most demanding sports.

A successful and ambitious athlete in his own right, Chris has won championships in five different sports, including becoming a three-time National Champion and a World Number 1 ranked amateur. He’s competed in super-sprints, sprints, team relays, Ironman 70.3 and Ironman triathlons. He has been a highly-regarded advisor and trainer to some of the world’s top performing companies such as Apple, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, EA Games, IBM and Intel.

Regardless of age, triathlon experience, current level of competitiveness or future ambition, Chris knows with absolute certainty that everyone can increase their level of success and fulfillment and can make their dreams become reality.

One-on-One Mental Performance Consultation

In this one-on-one consultation for mental performance with Chris Janzen, you get all your inner game questions answered. We will personally contact you, schedule your call, and thoroughly address every question you have. Your call includes an e-mail from Chris with follow-up recommendations and full call notes. If desired, your call can also be recorded for your playback reference.

Self-Guided Inner Game Training

Our self-guided mental performance training is based on Chris Janzen’s 5 Forces Formula for Breakthrough Triathlon Performance, which is the ONLY program of its kind–created by a peak performance expert exclusively for active individuals and triathletes – it gives you holistic and proven methods to master your inner game.

It will directly, immediately and practically give you new skills, sharpen your focus, build strong and lasting motivation, and create unshakable confidence that you can indeed, be at your best when it matters most, and be the best athlete you can possibly be.

With this program, you will receive a complete downloadable package that walks you step-by-step through each of the 5 components necessary for mental success, with zero guesswork involved.

Individual Mental Performance Coaching

Get the most from your potential and unlock more of your abilities to achieve your best in triathlon, cycling, ultra-running and general fitness. Whether it’s building your inner strength, mental fitness and emotional endurance, or finally eliminating some of the habits that hold you back from experiencing your best, working with our mental performance coach Chris Janzen will help you to identify the right strategies to give you your performance edge.

You will experience sustainable results without hard work or extra time training. This package is available for individuals or athletes anywhere in the world, and suitable for novices, age groupers and elite competitors. You can be self-coached or use this package to compliment your existing coach.

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One-on-One Mental Performance Consultation, Self-Guided Inner Game Training, Individual Mental Performance Coaching


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