Catalyte® Isotonic – Lemon Lime (electrolytes)

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Catalyte® Isotonic – Lemon Lime (electrolytes) from Thorne is a unique electrolyte replacement specifically formulated to help replace the vitamins and minerals lost through sweat. Catalyte® Isotonic – Lemon Lime (electrolytes) was formulated by Thorne based on the typical ratios of sodium and potassium, and calcium and magnesium lost during activity. As a unique component, this electrolyte powder contains added zinc, which is also lost through your sweat but rarely seen in other electrolyte products.

To further support energy needs during exercise, this powder also has an added 3 grams of d-Ribose per serving. d-Ribose is a unique compound that acts to supply energy to your heart and acts as a potent precursor to ATP, your body’s primary energy currency.

Catalyte® Isotonic – Lemon Lime (electrolytes) no caffeine. It is lightly sweetened and flavored with lemon flavoring. It also mixes well and tastes great when combined with Amino Complex.


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