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BiOptimizers HCL Breakthrough is an all natural source of betaine hydrochloric acid that increases stomach acid and hydrochloric acid to support digestion and detoxification.

After eating are you reaching for antacids or Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) to avoid chest pain, heartburn, gas or bloating? Is it preventing you from going out with friends for dinner and drinks because after every meal your stomach feels like there’s a rock inside?

Have you been hopelessly jumping from PPI and antacids to the next, to no avail? Have you tried all sorts of natural remedies, like eliminating foods from your diet… yet your heartburn, bloating and excessive gas just keeps coming back?

Has your heartburn caused you to lose your appetite, and do you eat only out of necessity? Do you feel like you’ve been robbed from having a full life?

Want to stop experiencing stomach pain, waking up at night and get off harmful drugs? And begin eating your favorite foods again?

Most people believe that their acid reflux is caused by having too much acid. That heartburn is caused not from having too much stomach acid… but rather from having too little of it. Scientific literature says that heartburn and GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease, aka acid reflux) are not considered to be diseases of excess stomach acid. Experts now know that acid reflux is caused by excess gas forcing the lower esophageal valve (LES) to open and allows acid to hit your throat.

Your esophageal valve is like a water dam. When you have too much gas inside your body, it “breaks the dam” and forces a “flood” of acid in your throat causing pain and discomfort in your chest. That’s when you taste that nasty bile.

Yes, heartburn happens when the pressure and gas in your abdominal cavity gets too high. The main cause of excess gas is low stomach acid. Research has proven that low stomach acid leads to both poor digestion of carbohydrates and bacterial overgrowth which causes an overload of gas. Bad bacteria start to party and feast on poorly digested carbohydrates, especially refined carbs: sugary snacks, pizza, bread, cookies, cakes, etc. The result is intense fermentation…and too much GAS.

The excess gas problem explains why PPI’s and antacids often amplify acid reflux. By suppressing stomach acid with a PPI, the carb digestion becomes worse. This increases bad bacteria and fermentation even more. In one study 30 people with acid reflux were given 40g of Prilosec (a PPI) for at least 3 months. 11 out of the 30 developed significant bacterial overgrowth, versus 1 in 10 of people in the control group.

So what is stomach acid and why is it critical for your health? Stomach acid, also called gastric acid is the fluid our bodies create when we eat food to help us digest. It dissolves solid food into absorbable nutrients. Your stomach acid breaks down proteins, carbs and fats into smaller molecules so your body can absorb the nutrients. These vital nutrients give your body the energy it needs to maintain and repair itself and survive.

Without stomach acid we wouldn’t be to survive. Every animal including us needs it. And gastric acid has many more benefits than just dissolving the food inside your tummy. And because of stomach acid’s high levels of acidity, it’s your first line of defense against bad bacteria and viruses. Bad bacteria has a better chance of entering your body if you have low stomach acid. This can lead to a bacterial overgrowth and wreak havoc inside your gut and create some serious health problems.

Betaine HCl is one of the main component in stomach acid. And supplementing with it can restore your stomach acidity back to healthy normal levels.

What are the benefits of using betaine HCl?

-Restores your stomach acid levels so you’ll easily digest any carbs and stop the fermentation that cause excess pressure that lead to acid reflux.

-Enhances your ability to digest foods, which: boosts your ability to absorb vitamins from food you eat (which will give you more energy throughout the day).

-Stop bad bacteria from infiltrating your intestines. They are often responsible for bloating, gas, constipation, leaky gut, SIBO and many more digestive issues.

-It’s a powerful digestive aid that breaks down food for optimal digestion.

-Allows for greater mineral and nutrient absorption, which reduces the risk of cancer and many other life threatening diseases.

-Increases availability of enzymes, due to having more stomach acid. Enzymes are critical for digesting food and powerful against inflammation inside the body.

-Expels food remains that have been lodged in your system. So you can say goodbye to any undigested protein that are accumulating in your gut (due to poor digestion and low stomach acid).

-Eliminates pathogenic bacteria like Candida and SIBO, because they cannot survive through stomach acid.

-Alleviates other digestive issues like bloating, excessive gas and food allergies.


HCL Breakthrough is an ALL natural source of betaine hydrochloric acid that increases stomach acid and hydrochloric acid to support digestion and detoxification. It’s 100% vegetarian, derived from beets and contains no animal byproducts. HCL Breakthrough does NOT contain pepsin, like nearly all HCl products out there.

Instead it contains 5 different types of enzymes to digest proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. Making HCL Breakthrough even MORE powerful than any other HCl formula on the market today. HCL Breakthrough is going to WIPE OUT your heartburn, acid reflux and any bacterial overgrowth happening inside your gut.

You just need to take 1 to 2 capsules when you start a meal. The best part is: It works FAST. You’ll begin feeling immediate relief.

What you can expect when you begin using HCL Breakthrough:

-No more stomach pain after a big meal

-You can stop avoiding certain foods, and begin enjoying food again (like chocolate)

-You won’t wake up at night anymore because your distressing heartburn will be gone. You’ll start enjoying full nights of sleep again.

-Within just a few days you’ll be able to dramatically reduce, if not eliminate all usage of your proton pump inhibitors and antacids

-Your doctor will think it’s a miracle that your heartburn and acid reflux disappeared

-You’ll experience the relief and freedom from heartburn you’ve been longing for

Ready to experience fast relief from acid reflux and heartburn, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 60 day money back guarantee?

Click ‘ADD’ to order BiOptimizers HCl Breakthrough now!

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What are the ingredients?

Our sleep product is simply very small amounts of the nutrients involved in the production of melatonin: L-tryptophan, 5HTP, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and a very small dose of melatonin. Since an increase in brain GABA levels, is also a normal player in the initiation of sleep, we have also included a small amount of a GABA derivative that can cross into the brain–called “phGABA”. The quantities of each ingredient are intended to replenish normal levels of these nutrients, to allow for the normal production of melatonin, and to help initiate the initial cascade of events that lead to deep, natural sleep.

How does it work?

Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy is designed to restore commonly deficient nutrients associated with sleep. In Dr. Parsley’s experience, once these nutrients have been restored to optimal levels, most people have vastly improved sleep. Your body is still doing all the work. We are just giving your body the materials it needs to create great sleep.

Can I take it if I’ve drank alcohol?

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. Drinking alcohol in excess is known to affect the brain regions that control sleep. If you have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol, we do not recommend using the sleep product. However, moderate to light alcohol consumption (one to two drinks) should be balanced with drinking more water, and should not negatively impact the effectiveness of the sleep supplement.

Does it have the drowsy side effects?

Because we are not aiming to trick your body’s normal physiology, the common side effects associated with sleep aids are unlikely. The side effects of many sleep aids are caused because the medication is mimicking or blocking a normal process in the body or brain. Our formulation is not designed to mimic or trick—just provide your body with the resources to do its natural processes.

The directions say 8 oz. of warm water, can I mix it with cold water?

The design of the product is to be a night-time treat, and part of a sleep ritual. Warm cups of nice tasting drinks are great for this. However, the product can be dissolved in any temperature water. The temperature of the water will not effect how the product works. However, it will dissolve more easily in warmer water, but it will taste less sweet in cool water.

Is it safe to give to my child?

This product has not been tested on children. It is not recommended for individuals under the age of 18.

How often should I take it?

If you routinely do not get enough sleep. I recommend taking this product every night. If you are trying to catch-up on sleep, after being sleep deprived, I recommend taking the supplement every night, until you have caught up. The product can also be used for jet-lag. In that case it would be taken for a duration related to how many time zones you are crossing.

Will it make me feel hungover?

The nutrients of the Sleep Remedy are all normally found in your body—and designed to create “normal” or optimal levels of these nutrients. This is not a physiological trick. Since your body and brain are creating sleep in a natural way, groggy or hung-over feelings are highly unlikely.

Can I take more than one?

If you have taken sleep drugs, anti-depressants, or anti-anxiety medications for a long period of time, you may feel somewhat resistant to the Sleep Remedy. Since the dosages of all ingredients within the Sleep Remedy are very low, taking 1.5-2.0 packets is unlikely to have negative consequences to those that feel the need for this. However, always start with the recommended dosage. If you feel like you need to increase the dose, do it very slowly. Remember that too much magnesium can cause diarrhea, and our product does have magnesium in it.

Will I still be able to wake up for my child?

Many sleep aides actually render the user “unconscious.” It is difficult, and possibly impossible to wake from this state. However, our Sleep Remedy is simply designed to help your body create normal, restful sleep. During normal sleep, most people are able to wake easily when their environment changes (crying baby, alarms, and things that go bump in the night).

Is it OK for everyday use?

You cannot build dependency on this product. You will not experience withdrawal symptoms. You can use normal doses for 1, 5, 50, 150, 500 days in a row, and the only thing that may build up in your system would be the vitamin D3, but depending on how much sunlight you get, and if you already supplement with D3 this is also unlikely. One final Vitamin D3 comment: taking Vitamin D3 at night will not cause insomnia. This is a common, but completely untrue misconception.

Will this inhibit normal production of melatonin?

Absolutely not. Our dosage is well below the level that would cause that. You would need at least 600% more melatonin than we use, and probably twice that. Melatonin is instrumental in helping us coordinate our circadian rhythms. L-tryptophan, 5HTP, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 are all required to make melatonin. Once melatonin levels start going up, your brain produces and releases a neurotransmitter called GABA. GABA helps slow down your neocortex – that big wrinkly bit that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. That is why we this product has the final ingredient phGABA. Since GABA can’t get into the brain very easily, some tricky biochemist figured out a way to get it into the brain by adding the “ph” part—which is a non-polar ring. That allows the GABA to cross into the brain.

Why is it a powder?

This product was originally designed with the Department of Defense (DOD), Navy SEALs, frequent red-eye flyers, shift-workers, and first responders in mind. It is easy to carry around, it will last 52 forevers on the shelf, it takes up very little room, in other words, it’s handy and neat. But, it is also designed to be a powder for a very important reason: bio-availability. If you take a bunch of different pills, some are pressed, some have a glycerin shell, some have a gelatin shell etc. They dissolve slowly, unreliably, and at different rates. This product is designed so that you can get all of the ingredients immediately, and at the same time.

Can you take it in the middle of the night?

If you wake up in the middle of the night, just take the product again. You can also split it: take half when you are going to bed, and take the other half when you wake up in the middle of the night. If you have no problem going to sleep, don’t take it before bed, just take it when you wake up in the middle of the night, and then lay back down, and breathe/relax/meditate etc.

Can I or should I combine this with anything?

Ben Greenfield's favorite one-two combo for sleep is a single packet of sleep remedy combined with 2-3 capsules of NatureCBD.