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Become Superhuman Live DVD’s is the official jam-packed DVD set for Ben Greenfield’s Become Superhuman live event!

It’s time to cut through all the useless diets, workouts, supplements, drugs, books and plans – and instead find out what really works when it comes to losing fat fast, performing at your peak capability, living longer, and having the energy the way your body is supposed to actually have all day long.

This world-class line-up of speakers delves into cutting-edge, non-run-of-the-mill strategies for enhancing your performance, fat loss, recovery, digestion, brain, sleep and hormones. In other words, they cover everything you need to know to Become Superhuman.

The entire “Become Superhuman” Experience from Ben Greenfield’s live event in Spokane, WA was recorded in HD video, along with convenient audio downloads, slides, and “take-away” notes. What you will discover inside will give you a better body, enhance your physical and mental performance, cut through the nutrition confusion, and even make you live longer and look good doing it.

-For example, you’ll hear from expert Ray Cronise how to lose 20-30 pounds of fat in a month WITHOUT exercising…

-Then Dr. Todd Schlapfer will reveal the stress-lowering strategies he typically reserves for the elite professional athletes he works with in his session on “Nutrition Strategies For Superhuman Stress Control”.

-You’ll watch Dr. Justin Mager give you the best tests to discover whether your metabolism is working correctly, and he’ll let you in on his “under-garment” calorie burning secret.

-Then Jeff Spencer will dive into the proprietary information he uses to bring pro athletes to the next level both physically and mentally during his training on “How To Develop A Champion’s Mind & Body”

-Dave Asprey – The inventor of “Bulletproof Coffee” – will reveal some of his biggest tips and tricks like the one so-called “health food” you need to quit eating, NOW… and even how to drink more alcohol without getting a hangover…

-Next, Phil Maffetone reveals how to use music to regulate cortisol production, restore hormone balance, and increase brain power and memory.

-Then Dr. David Minkoff will show you the best way to detox your body and why juicing or eating greens may be completely useless if you don’t include the one important component…

-You’ll also get access to Dr. Toby Hallowitz as he dives into natural cures like how to make your body heal itself without any fancy drugs or supplements.

And the list goes on!

One of our speakers even reveals his shocking discovery about how he lost 60 pounds while consuming a diet made up primarily of fats. After going through the Become Superhuman Experience, you’ll be completely set for life to achieve everything you want for your body, mind and performance.

Click here to get your all-access pass to the entire “Become Superhuman” experience – recorded in HD video and sent to your doorstep as four jam-packed DVD’s!


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