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Unlock the power of your jaw so you can unleash your full potential as an athlete! The ArmourBite Performance Mouthpiece features patented Power Wedges, which unleash the power of your jaw so you can reach your full potential – even in non-contact sports where you wouldn’t traditionally think about wearing a mouthpiece, such as yoga, running, golf, tennis and weightlifting.

This is just like the leather straps the Vikings used to chomp down before they headed out to the field of battle to allow them to fight stronger, faster and better. But of course, the ArmourBite is backed by 15 years of research and science and is far more comfortable and better looking than a leather strap. Your mouthpiece includes both a fitting tool and fitting instructions, and is available in two sizes: adult (age 12+) and youth (age 11 and younger).

When you click here to order, you can get a free UA Mouthwear Case ($9.99 value) if you enter the promo code “freecase” at checkout.


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