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Amino Complex – Lemon from Thorne is a patented, essential amino acid formulation – and is specifically a formulated blend of amino acids that has been developed through more than 20 years of research, in a ratio that has been well-studied for its positive effects on development of lean body mass, exercise capacity, aerobic metabolism, and support of mitochondrial growth. It can even be used to control food cravings, or to keep you from losing muscle during calorie restriction or intermittent fasting.

This Amino Complex is different than many of the popular branched-chain amino acid formulas on the market because it provides far more than just Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). While BCAAs help stimulate protein synthesis, the comprehensive blend of essential amino acids in Amino Complex have been shown to not only increase protein synthesis, but to also decrease protein breakdown.

Amino Complex also supports body composition by supporting aerobic metabolism, which allows the body to use more fat as a fuel source over carbohydrates. Because amino acids play an important role in supporting the energy needs of the body during exercise, these BCAAs have also been shown to improve overall exercise capacity.

Amino Complex – Lemon is an important nutritional supplement for active, exercising individuals as well as those in their later years who are trying to maintain lean body mass, but unable to absorb as much protein from food sources (a naturally occurring protein-absorption issue that occurs as you age). As you may know, the maintenance of your lean muscle mass, especially type II or fast-twitch muscle is critical for management of blood sugar and maintenance of strength and bone density with aging. 

Unlike many other popular amino acid formulas on the market, Amino Complex – Lemon contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. It is sweetened with stevia and is lemon flavored, and can easily be added to smoothies, shakes, or simply mixed in a water bottle for workouts or races.

We’re often asked about the difference between Aminos – Lemon and NatureAminos tablets, which are also essential amino acids. The primary difference is the delivery mechanism: the Thorne Aminos are in powder form and very convenient for mixing into water or other beverages, whereas the NatureAminos tablets are small and portable for quick consumption when a tablet is more convenient. For example, you might use amino acids powder when you’re premixing a bottle before a race or workout, but might use a tablet when you’re out on a hike or trail run and not carrying a water bottle.

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