NatureBite Energy Bar

A clean, hypoallergenic and guilt-free energy bar, jam-packed with a unique blend of ingredients that support energy, muscle gain and fat loss - without excess carbohydrates, proteins, or unhealthy chemicals.

NatureBite Energy Bar

NatureBite is a tasty, appetite-satiating, nutrient-dense bar that will withstand the rigors of living a limitless, exciting life, reduce food cravings with just a few simple bites, give you a long-term, stable source of energy without causing blood sugar spikes, doesn’t contain a chemical cocktail or excess protein, won’t aggravate allergy and autoimmune issues, and delivers a big, tasty punch of mouth-watering, chocolatey-salty-coconut flavor.

NatureBite is a lowish-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein bar, rather than a high-fat, slightly greasy, low-energy “ketogenic” bar that can cause a gut bomb, especially during rigorous exercise, with zero dairy, zero soy, and zero whey protein isolate. It contains only hypoallergenic protein sources, is low in lectins and free of gluten, saponins and other notorious gut assailants, has plenty of minerals and electrolytes, adequate fiber (but no IMO’s!) and is a bar that supports recovery with sufficient levels of all essential amino acids and antioxidants, without excess protein to create an insulin spike or aging effect, and that contains just enough carbohydrate for liver and muscle glycogen restoration and appetite satiety, without necessarily spiking blood sugar.

NatureBite was created because, unfortunately, most energy bars are chock full of sugar and starch, which can cause dangerous blood sugar surges and fat formation. And if the sugar gets removed from a bar, it’s often replaced with nasty artificial sweeteners that can kill gut bacteria and cause neurotoxicity.

Or the bar is packed with so much excess protein that you get ammonia build-up, acidity, insulin spiking and gut issues like bloating, gas and constipation. From peanuts to soy to whey and beyond, the ingredients of many bars can cause food intolerance reactions, resulting in weight gain, skin, gut and immune system problems and a host of other health issues.

Finally, if a bar actually is healthy, it either tastes like cardboard, falls apart in the heat, is like biting into tree bark in the cold, and simply hasn’t been tested “in-the-trenches” by people living hard-charging lives or athletes competing under real conditions that exist outside of some whitewashed food laboratory.

NatureBite doesn’t freeze and turn into a rock-solid brick in frigid temperatures while snowboarding, skiing and hiking and doesn’t melt into a pile of seedy goo upon exposure to hot bike rides, runs and car glove compartments and just as importantly, it doesn’t taste like cardboard, has a good crunch and mouth feel and will keep you satisfied without a “dissolve in you mouth” type of here-and-gone taste.

Ultimately, NatureBite is a guilt-free bar that you can give to your family and your kids, eat before or during a workout, at your desk, on an airplane, or any other time you need clean-burning, stable energy. From healthy fat sources like coconut flakes and cocoa butter to completely hypoallergenic gelatin, kaniwa and pea protein, to a host of other unique ingredients that go above and beyond any other energy bar, NatureBite is guaranteed to give you all the nutrients, minerals, deliciousness and appetite satisfaction that you desire in a bar, with none of the harmful ingredients. Enjoy!

$32.36 (12 Bars) when you subscribe.



List of ingredients: Organic honey, almonds, cocoa nibs, hydrolyzed gelatin, baby quinoa (kaniwa), white chia seeds, coconut flakes (coconut, sodium metabisulfite), chocolate liquor (roasted and ground cocoa beans), water, organic rice protein, pea protein isolate, sesame seeds, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sea salt, tocopherols.



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