Pacific Elite Fitness exercise photos & videos

How to find your exercise: Exercises are listed in alphabetical order. Click on a link to open a page with instructions, photos, and videos.

Video FAQ's:

Q. My computer will not open the video.

A. Videos are in Quicktime format. If you have difficulty opening a video, you may need the free Quicktime Version 7 player or an update on your current Quicktime player - click here to go to the Quicktime webpage and download the free software.

Q. I  cannot see the controls (i.e. the play button) for the video screen.

A. Simply double click the video screen to start the video, and double click again to stop.

Any additional problems? Please contact your trainer or e-mail [email protected] if you have exercise questions or experience technical difficulties.

Alternating Cable Rows

Alternating Overhead Press

Alternating Overhead Press with Balance

Around the World

Bench Press

Bent Row

Bicycle Crunch

Body Weight Squat


Cable Chest Press

Cable KickBack

Cable KickForward

Cable Scissor In

Cable Scissor Out

Cable Torso Twists

Calf Raises



Clap Pushups

Clean & Jerk


Crawl Crunch



Dead Bug


Deadlift w/ Kickout

Deadlift to Press

Decline Pushups


Elastic Band Cable Torso Twists

Front Raise

Front Squat

Front Plank Reaches


Good Mornings

Gorilla Crunches


Hammer Grip Pull-Ups

Handstand Push-Ups

Hang Clean

Hindu Pushups

Hindu Squat

Hindu Squat w/ Jump

Hip Hikes

Horizontal Jumps


Incline Bench Press

Incline Crunch

Incline Crunch & Twist

Incline Pushups


Kneeling Back Bends

Knee Push-Ups


Lateral Lunge

Lateral Lunge & Curl

Lateral Lunge, Curl & Press

Leg Raises

Leg Raises with Back Support

Little Bigs

Low Back Extensions

Lunge & Curl

Lunge & Press

Lunge Body Weight

Lunge with Weight

Lunge Jumps

Lunge Jumps from Step

Mountain Climbers

Multi-Directional Lunge

Narrow Grip Pushups

One Arm Clean

One Arm DB Clean & Press

One Arm DB Deadlift

One Arm DB Deadlift to Press w/ Kickout option

One Arm Press w/ Knee Lift

One Arm Dips

One Arm Overhead Walking Lunge

One Arm Pushups

One Arm Row

One Arm Snatch

One Arm Med Ball Pushups

One Leg Bridge

One Leg in the Air Pushups

One Leg Squats

Opposite Arm/Leg Extension

Overhead Press

Pelvic Lifts

Plank Taps

Plate Sky Crunch

Plate to Toe

Power Clean


Push Jacks

Push Press


Push-Up Row

Reach For the Sky

Reach For the Sky Explosive

Reverse Lunge & Swing

Reverse Lunge Body Weight

Reverse Lunge with Weight

Reverse Pushups

Rocket Pushups

Romanian Deadlifts

Row & Throw

Russian Twists

Running Man Row

Saxon Bends

Side Plank Rotations

Shoulder Press

Side Crunch

Side Get-Up

Side Knee-Up

Side Leg Lifts

Side Planks

Side Walks with Elastic Band

Single Leg Overhead Press with Knee Drive

Single Leg Row & Throw

Six Inch Crunches

Ski Kickback

Sky Crunch


Somersault Pushups

Spiderman Lunges


Step Jumps


Squat Thrust Jump

Squat to Press

Stability Ball Corkscrew

Stability Ball Crunches

Stability Ball Forward Lunges

Stability Ball Knee-Ups

Stability Ball Lateral Lunges

Stability Ball Plank Knee-Ups

Stability Ball Pushups

Stability Ball Single Leg Curl

Stability Ball Walk-Outs

Stability Ball Wall Squats

Super Slow Pushups



Swing Squats

Table Tops

Tip-Toe Lunges

Toe Squat

Torso Twist

Twist & Touch

Upright Row


Vertical Jump

Walk the Plank

Wall Facing Squats

Wall Pushups

Wall Squat Holds

Windshield Wiper


WoodChopper II