Frequently Asked Questions About Life Shotz

Is there sugar in Life Shotz?

We have Regular Life Shotz with 9 grams of sugar and Life Shotz Sugar Free.

What sweeteners are used in Life Shotz and Life Shotz Sugar Free?

Life Shotz is sweetened with organic cane juice crystals and stevia.

Life Shotz Sugar Free is sweetened naturally with Monk Fruit Extract and Stevia

Do Life Shotz and Life Shotz Sugar Free have the same flavor?

Yes, however Life Shotz is slightly sweeter due to the organic cane juice crystals.

Is it normal to feel nauseated after taking the Life Shotz Sugar Free?

Those with a sensitive stomach can feel nauseated after enjoying a glass of Life Shotz Sugar Free. The Sugar Free does not have any carbohydrates (sugar) in the formula to aid in the digestion and absorption process of the vitamins. If you prefer Life Shotz Sugar Free, simply enjoy it with a meal or snack.

Is Life Shotz Gluten Free? Allergen Free? Non-GMO?

Yes! Both versions are free of gluten, allergens and are non-GMO!

Is Life Shotz Vegan?

There are no animal products in Life Shotz and it’s not tested on animals in any way. Vitamin D3 does come from lanolin, however, which is obtained from wool.
We like our animals happy!

Do you use organic ingredients in Life Shotz?

All of the ingredients in Life Shotz are not available as certified organic. We chose not to limit our formulation by only using organic ingredients. Instead, we chose to use premium ingredients that fit our requirements and test them to be pesticide free. We feel this accomplishes the same end result, however we cannot certify Life Shotz to be organic because we do not use certified organic ingredients. There is also a huge cost premium placed on most certified organic ingredients that would drastically drive up the cost of Life Shotz.

Where are your ingredients sourced from and why?

The source of our berries/ingredients is something we don’t have complete control over because it is dependent upon the harvest in the regions they are sourced from. Our standard, however, is that all the constituents in Life Shotz be free of known toxins, pollutants, GMO’s, gluten and known allergens.

To be assured of this, Life Shotz has been scrutinized by the International Public Health and Safety Organization ( and the Banned Substance Control group ( This is a step beyond what ordinarily is practiced and expected of natural-based products. In Short: The origins of our ingredients are from all over the globe. We search for ingredients that fit our specifications and quality. These origins can change from time to time, but the quality and specifications cannot.

Is Life Shotz safe for diabetics?

As with any known condition, we recommend you consult your physician.

Can Life Shotz cause any flushing if I am sensitive to Niacin?

No. The source used is Niacinamide, which does not cause a flushing reaction.

I hear a lot about B-Vitamins. Are vitamin B-6 and B-12 in Life Shotz Special?

These two ingredients have been phosphorylated in Life Shotz, which makes them more readily available to our body for absorption and use. The phosphorylated versions have a 75% better absorption rate! As a bonus, this decreases the chance of any upset stomach.

For example, most products will use a form of Vitamin B-12 called Cyanocobalamin. Life Shotz went the extra step to use the more expensive, but more bioavailable form of B-12, called Methylcobalamin. The body instantly recognizes this form of B-12 so it can absorb it right away. While with the cyanocobalamin, the body has to clean the ‘cyano’ and then add the ‘methyl’ before absorbing. That is a lot of work for the body, so we decided to use the upgraded form!

What are the nutritional benefits of Glycine?

Glycine is an important amino acid that benefits our cellular energy and it provides antioxidant support. It’s also needed for Glutathione production. Glutathione is the #1 antioxidant in our body’s defense.

Will the potency of Life Shotz be negatively affected if it is added to a hot beverage?

No. It can be enjoyed as hot tea if you prefer!

Is there a limit to how many servings of Life Shotz I can take in one day? Beyond 2 a day can be wasteful unless you are an extreme athlete burning through a larger amount of nutrients.

How do you ensure quality control for Life Shotz?

Life Shotz is manufactured in an FDA-audited, NSF-certified, GMP facility that ensures safety and compliance with even the most stringent regulations and laws. All those acronyms = the best quality control you can get!

What is NSF?

NSF International is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that performs independent product testing. In fact, NSF is the world leader in developing safety standards, certifying products, and managing public safety. They’re one of the world’s most trusted companies and they’re pretty awesome. They test Life Shotz to make sure it’s safe and contains exactly what we say it does. You can learn more at the NSF website (

What is BSCG?

The Banned Substance Control Group independently tests products to make sure they’re “clean” (a.k.a. drug-free) for amateur and professional athletes. Because so many athletes turn to Life Shotz, we want to make sure they have 100% confidence that Life Shotz will give them the edge. Check out their website to learn more (

Why does certification matter?

One reason certification matters is that it sets us apart from the competition. This is great for our Brand Reps because it gives them a competitive edge. Another reason is that it means customers can trust Life Shotz completely. They’ll never test positive during a drug test at work or before the big game! They’ll know we can help them meet strict dietary concerns. They get exactly what we promise. But the best reason? It shows that we’re committed to ethical business, natural nutrition, and the customers who make us such a great company.

Is certification common?

Actually, no, but if you do a little research, you quickly realize it should be. Most recently, in a study by Consumer Reports, over 30% of supplements contain too little of an ingredient, too much of an ingredient, or ingredients they weren’t supposed to contain at all. Scary! However, certification is expensive and testing isn’t required by the government; so most companies skip this crucial step.

How do you guarantee the results?

NSF and BSCG make their reputations based on the quality of their work, and their seal of approval is as good as it gets. We don’t have access to the scientists, labs, or testing equipment because it might bias results. We just have to work hard to make sure we have the absolute best and purest ingredients, a safe and secure production process, and a great team.

Why does my urine seem yellower after first taking Life Shotz?

You might experience brighter urine for several reasons. To begin with, the vitamins and minerals in Life Shotz actually help your body’s metabolism and excretory system perform at a higher level. This means your body is producing and filtering more urobilin, the primary contributor to urine’s color.

It’s also possible that your kidneys are filtering a small amount of B vitamins after they’ve been digested. And if you’re like most people, you might not be drinking enough water. This under-hydration concentrates urobilin, vitamins, and minerals in urine and makes it appear more yellow.

With increased hydration and consistent use of Life Shotz, the yellow color in urine will lighten.

Also, brighter urine may be a sign of superpowers, but it’s impossible to know which ones.

Are these high percentages of vitamins and minerals dangerous?

No! An RDA recommendation of 100% is the absolute minimum you need. If you’re getting anything less than 100% of any vitamin or mineral, it actually means that you’re exposing your body to potentially dangerous deficiencies. Maximum daily allowances are much, much higher than those contained in Life Shotz.

After all, a single baby carrot contains 41% of your vitamin A and we eat those by the dozens!

What time of day should I drink Life Shotz?

We suggest taking Life Shotz at breakfast or at lunch to experience the all-day effects and in general, you’ll experience better results if you drink Life Shotz with a meal or snack.

But the truth is this: any time of the day is perfect for Life Shotz!

How much Life Shotz should children have?

For children age 6 to 12, use half a packet. For children under age 6, consult your physician.

For children at heart, one packet should do the trick!

How much Life Shotz should someone have who is 75 years or better?

A great way to introduce Life Shotz into your daily routine if you are 75 years or better, is to start with ½ a packet a day. You can also try enjoying ½ a packet in the morning and ½ a packet in the afternoon.

Is there caffeine in Life Shotz?

No way! Life Shotz is caffeine and stimulant free.

That consistent energy and great mood you feel after drinking Life Shotz: that’s au natural and it’s something caffeine can’t give you.

What is natural energy?

Natural energy is critical to a healthy metabolism. It occurs at the cellular level and delivers long-term, consistent benefits to your energy level.

Natural energy is the opposite of what you get from coffee, soda or “energy” drinks. Those other drinks are loaded with added sugars, caffeine, and other stimulants that create a short-term and artificial “kick” or “jolt” that results in a crash. What’s worse, they might also result in an addiction.

You don’t get any of that junk in Life Shotz. Instead you get vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that help drive key metabolic enzymes deep into your cells for all-natural energy.

Science and nutrition are cool that way.

What can I mix with it?

Anything! (But not inedible things, just to be clear)

Another great idea is to blend Life Shotz in your LS-VIBE shake for breakfast or lunch!

Why do I see sediment after mixing Life Shotz?

Several of the ingredients in Life Shotz, primarily fruit-based ingredients, don’t dissolve. Keep stirring and shaking things up to make sure you drink them!

Like fresh squeezed orange juice or homemade lemonade, the best drinks have real fruit in them.


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