Extreme Workout Challenge #6: Train Like a Triathlete

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You gotta admit …triathletes and triathlons can be pretty intimidating. It’s a sport dominated by superfit individuals who spend hours every day exercising at high intensities. Perhaps you have no desire to actually complete a triathlon, but just want to try the “multisport cross-training” approach in your own fitness routine. Well, here’s a sample workout that will infuse some intensity and fun into your routine, while giving you the same feeling that a triathlete experiences during those swim/bike/run transitions. The bonus? You don’t actually have to go outside and ride a bike, wear a special running outfit, or even know how to swim. Just use the equipment you have in your gym or home. This routine will boost your metabolism, burn maximum calories, and melt away the fat. My advice is to throw it into your routine once a week.

Try to complete the circuit with minimal rest, never allowing yourself to become lightheaded or dizzy, but maintaining a fairly high intensity. When you’ve completed each station, return to the beginning. Your goal should be 3 circuits. If you’re up for it, shoot for 4-5 circuits. Check out the exercise videos at the end of this article for detailed movements. Begin with a good 5-15 minute cardio warm-up.


Station 1: 500m rowing machine (*bonus*: try to complete in under 2 minutes)

Station 2: 20 reps Front Squat to Press

Station 3: 0.75 mile bicycle (*bonus*: try to complete in under 3 minutes)

Station 4: 20 Romanian Deadlifts

Station 5: 0.3 mile run (*bonus*: try to complete in under 2.5 minutes)

Station 6: 20 Pull-ups

Time Limit Goal for 3 circuits: 11 minutes


Front Squat to Press


Romanian Deadlift



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