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The unique and potent formula in Recover-Ease  combines eight natural nutrients, proteolytic enzymes and branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) into a research-proven and patented blend that gives your body exactly what it needs to repair damage, restore adrenal function and banish soreness following intense exercise – all with lightning speed.

Specifically, Recover-Ease delivers a potent source of fuel to your immune system cells. This blend is taken up rapidly by immune cells, which then are able to repair tissue damage – particularly in the muscles and lungs. The proteolytic enzymes in Recover-Ease also break down fibrinogen, a cause of soreness and blood clotting post-exercise.

Research studies and “real-life” users clearly demonstrate that using Recover-Ease following exercise results in fresher legs and lungs, higher energy and mood, and overall faster and more complete recovery.

Simply take your Recover-Ease as follows:

  • 2 capsules = following your “regular” workouts (tempo runs, cycling spins, steady laps)
  • 4 capsules = following your “hard” workouts (intervals, hill repeats, weight training)
  • 8 capsules = following your “competitions” and “hammer sessions” (races, long distance days)

Recover-Ease is a capsule-based recovery product. This makes it easy to take as soon as you finish your workout or competition. No gooey gels or messy powdersto mix and choke down. Simply swallow your Recover-Ease capsules with water.

Finally, each and every batch of Recover-Ease raw material and finished product is analyzed by independent certified analytical laboratories to confirm the absence of stimulants, steroids, and any other prohibited substances



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120 Capsules

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